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JustFitness Is Evolving

Introducing my co-founder and our plans for the future

13 September 2022

The Gist

  • Teamed up with Elsie Alkurabi from Micro.
  • We formed a new company; Micro LLC, as co-founders.
  • JustFitness will become Micro Fitness.
  • Elsie’s app will become Micro Nutrition.
  • We sell software to optimize the micro habits that support your macro lifestyle.

I’m sure you have a ton of things to show up to and get done in your life, so I’ll keep this short. Thanks for your feedback and support throughout this journey thus far. JustFitness has come a long way in the last 4 years, and it could not have made it this far without it. This post marks the end of JustFitness as a solo-dev project and the beginning of its exciting future as part of something much greater.

I’ve teamed up with Elsie Alkurabi from Micro (the nutrition app) to form a new company, Micro LLC. Our mission is to provide innovative, privacy-focused applications to aid you in your quest to maximize your human potential on your own terms. We had a few meetings to check the alignment of our values and vision and decided to combine our applications under a unified system. JustFitness will become Micro Fitness, and her nutrition tracker Micro, (in beta) will seamlessly make its debut as Micro Nutrition. These 2 apps are just the beginning of what will become the Micro Ecosystem.

Elsie is a career marketer with a vast and diverse set of skills and experiences focused on the fitness sphere. Combined with my technical expertise, we make a powerful team similar to the iconic duo that founded a certain half-eaten fruit company (though not yet as strong). We cannot wait to bring our vision out of our hearts and minds, into this reality, and into your hands.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We’ve kept it short due to the massive amount of work ahead. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

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