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Your subscription supports a solo developer, committed to building a workout app for the rest of us.

Why can't I find the app in the App or Play Store?

Up to this point in time, JustFitness was a Progressive Web App (PWA) which is a website with app-like enhancements and a few caveats. I have just entered stage 2 of my release plan which is to release on Android as soon as possible.

How does the 15 session log limitation work?

Once you've logged 15 workout sessions either through the live tracker or the notebook, the app will disable navigation to the workout page and remove the ability to create new data until you upgrade to a subscription.

Why not just make the app free with ads?

For JustFitness to earn revenue through serving ads, you would have to click the ads. To increase the likelihood of you clicking the ads, I would have to allow a third party to run a bit of code to collect your data to serve more relevant ads. JustFitness is a privacy focused application that only seeks to earn revenue from you directly with your consent. Utilizing an ad network would going against that notion.

Why should I choose JustFitness over any other fitness app?

JustFitness is for weight lifters and who are well aware of the basics and do not require further instruction. While other fitness apps aim to teach you how to lift or get you shredded for the summer, JustFitness's primary goal is to provide you with a tool to efficiently plan and log your workouts across your devices conveniently and intuitively.